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Competitive karaoke game
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Show off your singing skills by beating your friends in this competitive karaoke game. The application analyzes your pitch and scores you depending on how well you stay on tune. Compare your scores to the one your friends got and see who's the best.

UltraStar 0.6 is the PC conversion of the famous Singstar karaoke game.
It allows a computer to evaluate how good you are singing by analyzing your voice pitch.

You control the program using the keyboard (cursor movement keys, Enter key, F2...). No mouse control here.

Plug-in your microphone and start singing using one of the provided songs. The screen will show you the lyrics of the song to sing, highlighted with the right tempo. You will also hear the interpreter singing the song with you.

At the end of the segment the computer will give you points for Notes, Line Bonus and Golden Notes. It will also categorize your performance, from Tone Deaf to Lead Singer.

The program brings only a song to practice. You can download UltraStar songs from Internet, searching them with eMule. Some groups allow the usage of their themes (REM, for example), others don´t, so the programmer does not recommend a site to download themes.

You can also make your own songs following the instructions in the .PDF file provided with the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a good way to practice your favorite songs. It´s free


  • It hangs very often. There is no mouse support. Finding or making songs is rather difficult
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